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French Whisky Finition Sauvignon

Permanent Cuvee - 70 cl - 40%

Made by double maturation, this French Single Malt was first matured in French oak barrels (20% new + 80% second fill barrel) and then matured for a further 6 to 12 months in ex-wine barrels. The finishing barrels, which contained exclusively Sauvignon Blanc, came from the Clos Floridène, a Bordeaux Graves Cru.

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French Single Malt
Finition Sauvignon, matured in dry white wines barrels from Clos Floridène
Cru des Graves de Bordeaux
40% vol
Permanent Cuvee

COMPOSITION: French barley, malted, brewed and distilled in France.

Intensity 2 :

BODY : Smooth, elegant, fresh and floral

COLOR : Pale yellow

NOSE : Muscat, pear, peach, grape, white flowers

MOUTH FEEL : Delicate and round attack, good mouthfeel, fresh and pleasant finish

Did you know ?

Sauvignon Blanc is an old grape variety that was formally identified in the first half of the 18th century in the Gironde and the Loire Valley. Together with Chardonnay, it is the most widely cultivated grape variety in the world. It is highly appreciated for its easily identifiable organoleptic qualities. It is recognised by its floral notes of acacia flowers, its aromas of white fruits (peach, grape…) and above all its notes of citrus and grapefruit.To produce a French whisky with a finish in casks containing Sauvignon Blanc is to seek freshness which comes from the acidity of the wine as well as floral and white fruit notes.

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